Coworking Space Project in Antalya

We are a community of digital nomads and entrepreneurs in Antalya. We aim to build a coworking space and a coliving in the best spot of Antalya. Join our Telegram group where we chat and organize regular meetups.

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A brand new coworking space in Antalya’s best neighborhood

Expect to work on your laptop with fast wifi, around a thriving community of digital nomads and entrepreneurs in Antalya. Do you prefer Muratpaşa, Konyaaltı, Lara for our first coworking space, or maybe you have suggestions for other cities of the region such as Alanya, Kaş, or Fethiye? At the moment, we are meeting in cafes with fast internet around Antalya. 

Coworking space

We need a coworking space in Antalya to work productively with fast internet and to connect with like-minded individuals. The coliving should have the amenities to make it a second home.

Coliving space

For digital nomads, we initially plan to help them finding suitable accommodation close to the coworking space, then as the demand grow we want to build our own coliving to have a stronger community.

Community and Events

We are here to build a thriving community. Having our own spaces is essential to allow this, to nurture this community with regular events, and to connect with the locals in Antalya.

Making an Impact in Antalya and in Turkey

Turkey is a popular tourist destination but it’s not yet very popular amongst digital nomads, mainly because of the average internet speed. With covid-19, the consequences of work-from-home and digital nomadism are still to observe, but we expect a larger amount of online workers to visit Turkey and Antalya. We selected a list of cafes and hotels with high-speed internet, and we are planning to install fiber in the coworking and coliving.

Antalya has almost everything to attract thousands of digital nomads

Let’s work together to make Antalya the new Bali for digital nomads around the world. What’s needed: improved internet, facilitating weekly and monthly deals on accommodations, more coworking and more events. It already has so much: great weather, incredible culture and cuisine, friendly people, fantastic nature, affordable prices, international airport, and so much more amenities. With the consequences of covid-19 on the tourism sector, it is essential that Turkey and Antalya attract remote workers.

tourists visited Antalya in 2019

tourism revenue in Turkey in 2019

If you are a digital nomad, Antalya is a great choice

  • great weather year round
  • cheap prices
  • easy transportation (international airport, tramway and buses, great taxi system)
  • fantastic nature in the city and outside the city
  • great food and culture, many hipster cafes and good vibe
  • growing community of digital nomads and entrepreneurs
  • established community of expats

Reach Us

If you’re coming to Antalya and want to meet digital nomads, please send us a message and introduce yourself. We’ll add you to our Telegram group.

If you have any questions on Antalya and Turkey, we are here to help.

If you are a company in Antalya or a government institution and you want to support our project, we are happy to collaborate.


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